Incredible Podcast!

Thoughtful, smart, engaging, and exactly the conversations we need to be having about the future of education!

Thought provoking discussion on what truly is education!

An amazing new podcast with a penetrating and insightful look at what education is today and what it could look like if we refocused our thoughts on the student, the educator and the intersection of education and the environment. Najia brings a passion and a conversational deep dive into what education would/could look like. looking forward to more thought provoking discussions into the future of education!

Very professional

Najia has a great voice for a podcast- very soothing. She asks her guests very thoughtful questions. The guests give back very thought provoking answers for the audience to ponder!! Look forward to more postings.


Very informative

Informative and impactful pod!

Great podcast! Najia is a naturally inquisitive and engaging host and this is such a smart, informative and thought provoking podcast. It definitely gives me a lot to think about when it comes to our education system and how it's the foundation of our communities and it's impact on our climate as well. Her guests so far have been impressive. Looking forward to more important conversations.

My favorite new podcast

I’m a high school principal, and, in the first episode alone, there were so many quotes and ideas that I want to share with my leadership team and staff! The trailer has me excited to listen to more of what’s to come. Great interviewing with honest, insightful responses. Awesome stuff!

Excellent interviews with interesting guests

Najia Lupson does a great job of asking probing, interesting questions and thus allows the guest to do most of the talking. And the guests are some of the ed world’s most interesting characters. Episode 1 features Obama’s former secretary of education, John B. King. Highly recommend the style and the content and I’m eager to see who is profiled next.

Thought provoking

Thank you Education Remade and Najia for bringing us new, thought provoking ideas about where education can go! I’ve listened to the first three episodes of this podcast, and each is even better than the last. While the three episodes have spanned different topics, I love how each has explored new ways to approach thinking about education. The podcast leaves me thinking deeply about the future of education and inspired and hopeful about the changes we can make. I can’t wait for future episodes!

Great insight for where HigherEd is headed

How can higher education be accessible to more students? What can we do about it? How has this changed after Covid?

An excellent podcast on the future of education!

Every episode I have listened to thus far has some incredible guests with very interesting perspectives and actions on one of the most important movements of our time —the future of our education system. Excited to listen to the journey that Najia Lupson is going to take us through.

Inspiring and Hopeful!

This podcast is so fun and educational! ;) I love how improving the education system is treated holistically and so inter-connected to our own perceptions of humanity! Gives one hope that if we work together we can move our country forward leaps!